Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of working with Octametro?

1. We guide you on every step of the process, from planning the design, construction of the booth and until the dismantling. Our intention is to make the most of your ideas with creativity and experience, maintain good communication during the process and coordinate all the phases of the service so you can accomplish your goals.

2. We share our knowledge and experience in the area to make the process simpler. We are alert for all the special details that are required for the different venues, the rules and conditions for particular expos, handling the personnel and the technology required. We guide you on the selection of materials and equipment, so you can focus on your objectives during the event.

3. We listen to all of your particular necessities so we can offer you the best alternatives that are viable and attractive. We like to know every detail from the start: goals and objectives, budget, where the event is taking place, venue, dates of mounting and dismantling, position and layout of the stand in the venue, size of the acquired booth space, furniture required, characteristics of the product you will exhibit, time frame for the design and construction, transport conditions, and identity manuals.

I am on a Budget and want to attend an Expo. Are stands expensive?

Do not worry if you are on a budget, we will adapt our design to fit your budget. Share your budget with us and we will help you find what works best for you.

I need a stand that can change for different events, but I don’t want a portable stand. Do you have a product that meets my needs?

At Octametro we work with a state of the art construction system that can variate heights and shapes using the same aluminum profiles, which can adapt to any images you want to change. A combination of custom design and this system lets you change your image for every event.

What is Drayage?

It is the cost of handling the stand and exhibition material inside the venue. This cost is charged by the event host who has the licenses and insurance for such work.

Who takes care of the electricity for the booth?

The host of the event hires a company that takes care of the electricity for all the booths of the expo. The companies that are participating in the expo have to pay to the electricity company directly. If you wish to make the process quicker and avoid having to contact the different entities, we can help you by taking care of the costs and then billing them directly to you.

I already have a design for the booth, I just need construction and installation services. Do you do that?

Octametro can help you with any of the steps for participating on an expo. Ask us for a quote with your design and we will gladly help you.

I want to participate in various events around the United States. On what states do you offer your services?

We operate all around the United States. You can count on us for building, dismantling and shipping to any city.

Do you have portable solutions for Points of Purchase?

We offer portable counters that can be carried in a bag and are light weight, which work perfectly for activities on points of purchase. You can purchase this counter with or without the front image. Ask for a quote and we will gladly help you.

I need custom made furniture for the image of my brand. Can you make them?

Yes, we have a team at the workshop specialized in reading blueprints for designs you already have, or we can design them for you.

What is ExpoTelecom?

It is the biggest telecommunications expo in the Central America region. The expo has happened 6 times (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 y 2014). When it started it used to be an anual expo but starting from 2014 it is now in place every to years, with the next one happening on 2016.

There are more than 60 brands, 20 international speakers, more than 150 business agendas, workshops for industry and government and more than 4500 visitors.