You’ve asked, we’ve answered.

The most commonly asked questions for trade show services.

We guide you in every step of the process, from planning the design, construction and even dismantling when necessary. Our intention is to elevate your ideas with our creativity and experience, maintain good communication during the process and coordinate all the phases of the service so we can accomplish your goals.

We share our knowledge and experience in these industries to make the process simpler. We are particularly detailed with regulations and construction, understand the rules and conditions for spaces, and can work well with personnel and the technology required. We guide you in important decisions, so you can focus on your objectives during this process.

We listen to all your necessities so we can offer you the best alternatives that are viable and attractive. We like to know every detail from the start including: goals and objectives, budget, event or venue information, your product or service, timelines and layout of the area to name a few. This allows for the best marketing and design strategy on our part so that we maintain a high quality and cost-effective result.

Do not worry if you are on a budget, we understand the challenges of marketing a business and we will adapt our design to fit your goals within your means. Always share your budget with us and so we can help you find what works best for you, reasonably.

At Octametro we work with a state of the art construction system that can variate heights and shapes using the same aluminum profiles, which can adapt to any images you want to change. A combination of custom design with this system lets you change your stand’s size and infrastructure for every event.

Drayage is a common fee in the United States but not in Central America or Europe. It is the cost of handling the stand and exhibition materials inside the venue. This cost is charged by the event host or venue space who has the licenses and insurance for such work. We directly will never charge you drayage, but will advise you when the host or space requires it.

The host of the event hires a company that takes care of the electricity for all the booths of the expo. The companies that are participating in the expo must pay to the electricity company directly, not us. If you wish to make the process quicker and avoid having to contact the different entities, we can help you by taking care of the costs and then billing them directly to you.

If this is for a retail space, we can assist you in the electric wiring through our partners for your business or if it’s for an event we can help you find a provider to rent it out for your event.

Yes, Octametro can help you with any of the steps for participating in a trade show or setting up your space. Ask us for a quote and attach your design and we will gladly give you an estimate on the construction, shipping, setup and dismantling if needed.

We operate all around the United States. You can count on us for building, shipping and installing/dismantling to any city as we also have close partners we work with to maintain reasonable costs for our clients.

We now have a new office opened in Spain as of January 2018.

Yes, we have a team at the workshop specialized in reading blueprints for designs you already have, or we can design them for you based on your branding and vision.