About Us

Octametro \ ak – tah – mét – row \

Constructing Display, is born in 1987 on foreign land as a trade show exhibit house, and later went on to expand into the retail, event planning and product launch sectors.

Fast forward to 2003, when the trade show exhibit house portion makes it’s move to the United States and is introduced as Octametro, based in Miami, FL.

Since then, Octametro has thrived by providing its customers with exceptional booth solutions as well as guidance and advisory for all their trade show needs.

Jose L. Aylagas

President / Founder

The visionary architect who founded our leading tradeshow booth design and fabrication company over 20 years ago. Passionate about helping businesses succeed, Jose L. blends design expertise with a customer-first mindset to create custom architectural designs that elevate brands at trade shows.

Ricardo Aylagas

Vice President

From JP Morgan to VP of a top tradeshow booth design and fabrication company – blending financial smarts with creativity to help businesses stand out at events

Fernando Rodriguez

General Manager

As a vital member since inception, Fernando leads our team with extensive industry knowledge and a customer-centric approach to create exceptional tradeshow booth designs that reflect your brand and make an unforgettable impact at every event

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